How To Make A 30 Amp Generator Extension Cord

Somebody plugging a male plug into a generator

There are many benefits to having a 30 amp generator extension cord, including all recreational and outdoor uses. Their heavy-duty design and construction make them ideal for varying weather conditions.  Generator extension cords can withstand extreme weather and year-round climate changes. They can be used indoors and outdoors and provide users with large amounts of … Read more

How To Hide an Ethernet Cable

How To Hide an Ethernet Cable

Most people have the internet at home and in their businesses. However, the main challenge is learning to hide ethernet cables, especially when running them in different rooms. Furthermore, hiding these cables increases their longevity by protecting them from damage. For instance, if you have children, hiding the ethernet cables prevents them from cutting the … Read more

How to Repair USB Cables

USB Reconnect Wires

So you just broke your USB cable, and you need to figure out a quick repair. If you have the right tools lying around, you can repair the USB cable all by yourself.  Understanding USB Wires: The Basics USB cables typically have four individual wires inside of their protective outer layer. Each wire has a … Read more

How to Extend Security Camera Cable

BNC Female to Female Adapter

Do you have your security camera system set up but find that your cables don’t reach as far as you want? It’s a relatively common issue, and thankfully, the solutions are not difficult to find. In this how-to guide, we’ll go over how to extend security camera cables by using BNC connectors and how to … Read more

How To Repair HDMI Cable

HDMI attach wires

Sometimes, replacing a broken HDMI cable isn’t the best move. If you have a long run, perhaps one that’s hidden behind a wall, it can be a huge and expensive job to replace it.   Repairing a damaged cable saves you quite a bit of money, and it isn’t that hard. Let’s look at how to … Read more