How to Hide Outdoor Cables – A Complete Guide

Birds eye view of a house with a big yard

If you have cables, wires, or cords that you need to hide outdoors, there are various ways of keeping them secure, safe, and hidden. These methods of how to hide outdoor cables allow you to do the job yourself quickly and easily. How to Hide Wires on Side of House When deciding how to hide … Read more

How to Repair USB Cables

A broken USB cable

So you just broke your USB cable, and you need to figure out a quick repair. If you have the right tools lying around, you can repair the USB cable all by yourself.  Understanding USB Wires: The Basics USB cables typically have four individual wires inside of their protective outer layer. Each wire has a … Read more

How To Run an Ethernet Cable Through the Wall

A box with a Ethernet cable in it

Even with advances in wireless technologies, running an Ethernet connection through a wall is occasionally necessary. Unfortunately, without the proper knowledge, it might not be easy. So, if you have been pondering how to run an Ethernet cable thru an exterior wall, you are in the right place! Learning how to run an ethernet cable … Read more

How to Remove Power Cord From Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal installed

Your kitchen has the most appliances out of your entire house, including toasters, ovens, and microwaves. Appliances aren’t cheap, so why not replace the cord instead of the whole unit?  Is it time to replace the cord on your garbage disposal? The process is quite simple, and with the right guide, you can uninstall and … Read more

How to Fix Aux Port in Car

Somebody holding a new aux jack about to be installed

The stereo system is an enjoyable feature of a car, and a malfunctioning AUX port is one of the most irritating things that may happen to you. The aux jack connects an MP3 player or other audio device to a car’s sound system through a 3 mm headphone connection. The connection is made feasible by … Read more

How to Splice a Coax Cable

Although it may sound complicated, splicing a coaxial cable is straightforward. You can repair a tear in your coax cable with minimal tools and continue with business as usual. Here is an easy guide to repairing your coax cable with and without a connector. What Is a Coax Cable? A coaxial (coax) cable has an … Read more

How To Split RCA for Multiple Amps

Multiple amps on a table

It can be frustrating to play music if you only have one RCA output and multiple amps. However, splitting RCA can be daunting, and buying a new soundboard is too expensive. Is there an easy way to split RCA for multiple amps?  There are two main ways to split RCA for multiple amps – daisy … Read more

How to Hook Up an Amp Without RCA Jacks

RCA plugs

Depending on your situation, attempting to hook up your amplifier to your device can range from plugging in a few cables to doing some challenging DIY electrical engineering. Completing this task depends on several factors — whether your amplifier comes with an RCA jack, whether that RCA jack is functional, and if it’s capable of … Read more

How To Trace Coax Cable

A coaxial tester plugged into a cable

Are you having issues with tracing your coax cable? It could be difficult to locate these wires on your property because they may pass through the wall or roof. Often, because of different situations such as physical, heat, or water damage, the coaxial cable gets compromised. If this issue develops, it becomes quite frustrating because … Read more

How To Clean Fiber Optic Cable – All You Need To Know

Tools for cleaning fiber optic cables

Unclean fibers are one of the main reasons fiber networks fail or have issues, so fibers must be cleaned before installation and regularly after that. Every fiber connection should get double-checked, so it’s clean before getting plugged in. But, you may be wondering how to clean fiber optic cables. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple matter … Read more