Best RCA Cables for Car Audio [2023]

RCA cord for car audio laying on a desk

Improving a car’s audio quality can make drives around town or longer road trips much more enjoyable. Many people find success in older cars by installing a car antenna extension cable to pick up higher quality radio signals.  Another, more effective, way to improve car audio is to connect a high-quality RCA cable to your … Read more

Garmin Charging Cable – All You Need To Know In 2023

Garmin Charging Cable

The fitness tracker industry is worth $36.34 billion. So if you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast, there is a high chance you may have heard of Garmin. The company owns a significant market share of the fitness tracker industry courtesy of its Garmin wristwatches.  Best Garmin Replacement Charging Cables These wristwatches are at the … Read more

Replacement Cables for Sennheiser Headphones – 2023

Two pairs of Sennheiser's headphones on their racks

Sennheiser offers an array of headphones, catering for all budgets and needs. Whether you’re a recording artist, disc jockey, or love gaming, you’ll find a set of Sennheiser headphones that are perfect for you. They have high quality studio headphones that rival the AKG K240 and high quality gaming headphones that are up to par … Read more

Best RCA Cables for Amp [2023]

RCA Cables for Amp

If you’re on the hunt for the best RCA cables for an amplifier, this list should help you find the best RCA cables you might need. RCA cables for amps come in a range of sizes, quality, and prices, so it can be challenging to parse through all the options and find the best product.  … Read more

Dell Monitor Power Cord – 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Dell Monitor

Dell is one of the most popular computer brands in the world right up there with Acer. They have a variety of desktops and laptops built for anything you want. Whether you need it for work, school, or enjoy a Dell gaming computer, they have something for everyone.  There’s nothing more frustrating than going to … Read more

NES Power Cord – Top 5 Picks In 2023

NES Power Cord

Are you looking for a replacement NES power cord in 2023? Gamers everywhere are firing up their old consoles to relive simpler times or introduce their children to old-school gaming.  The games were simple but provided enough replayability for many people to want to return to this period in gaming history.  Not everyone saved their … Read more