BNC to VGA Converter – Top 6 picks in 2023

A diagram how a BNC to VGA converter works

Getting high-quality video can be difficult, especially when you’re using older analog technology. But, it can also be considered essential, after all, the digital world is constantly improving the quality of images on your screen.  Fortunately, you can use the best BNC to VGA converter to convert your analog signal into a digital one. It … Read more

MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter – Best In 2023

A freshly unpacked MagSafe converter

The original Magsafe power connector was introduced by Apple Inc in January 2006. In essence, it’s a power cable for your Apple computer that has magnetic built into it. These ensure the cable stays in position even if it is subjected to unexpected forces. For example, tripping over the cable will tug on the computer … Read more

CGA to VGA Converters in 2023

A converter on a black surface

Graphics controllers are an essential part of any computer system. It allows the electronic code created by the computer to be sent to a screen and be displayed as an image. In short, it allows you to see what you’re typing or playing on the computer. Significantly, it allowed video to be played on your … Read more

Speaker To RCA Converter – Best in 2023

Speaker To RCA Converter

RCA cables and connectors are generally acknowledged to offer high-quality audio signals. You’ll find them on  most stereo systems. RCA connectors split the audio signal into two, effectively creating a right side and a left side. You’re probably familiar with the dual plugs for audio, one is red, the other is white. They can be … Read more

RCA to HDMI Converter – 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Modern electronics are constantly evolving and every so often this means that the connection ports on specific devices change. This leaves you with the dilemma of replacing the device or finding a way to convert one signal to another type.  RCA to HDMI is a perfect example of this being possible and often more desirable … Read more

AV to HDMI Converter – 2023 Buyer’s Guide

If you own an older audio or games machine you’ll be familiar with the two or three-port system that was capable of transferring two audio channels and an image from your machine to the screen or even a speaker setup. These are a type of AV cable, the three-port system is often referred to as … Read more

AV To USB Converter – Top 6 Choices in 2023

Technology changes rapidly. You only have to look at audio products to see the way things have changed some products get new versions that are too different so you need converters like the Magsafe to Magsafe 2. After all, many people today have no idea what an audio tape is and compact discs are heading … Read more

S-Video to HDMI Converter – 2023 Buyers Guide

When you start investing in quality sound and visual equipment it is only natural that you are interested in getting the best possible images and audio on your chosen device. However, there are several issues that can cause a problem, no matter how good the equipment.  The most obvious is the quality of the cables … Read more