How to Hide Outdoor Cables – A Complete Guide

Birds eye view of a house with a big yard

If you have cables, wires, or cords that you need to hide outdoors, there are various ways of keeping them secure, safe, and hidden. These methods of how to hide outdoor cables allow you to do the job yourself quickly and easily. How to Hide Wires on Side of House When deciding how to hide … Read more

Best Extension Cord With Light Socket [2023]

Extension Cord With Light Socket Hanging from the ceiling

Having an extension cord with a light socket can be extremely convenient, especially if you need to work in a dark area or want to save energy by not turning on overhead lights. However, it’s essential to choose the right extension cord for your needs and to use it safely.  This buyer’s guide will list … Read more

Best Foot Switch Extension Cord [2023]

Somebody stepping on a foot switch of an extension cord

An extension cord is a simple way to give you more distance between your outlet and your device. They come in handy for lamps and electronics in the home, but they’re also great for outdoor use. Buying a foot switch extension cord for use in your garage or yard makes everything easier on you. When … Read more

Best Powered USB Extension Cables [2023]

A graphic of a PC surrounded with gadgets you can connect to it using a USB A

There are times you want to use your smartphone or any other USB-powered device while still charging them. However, most of the USB Cables that come with these devices are not long enough for you to use the device while it’s connected to a power source.  That’s where a powered USB extension cable comes in … Read more

Best [Coaxial] Antenna Extension Cables – 2023

A coaxial cable with a graphic explaining its parts

Although the modern digital age is increasingly supportive of wireless and fiber optic cables, coaxial cable is well-shielded and reliable. It is also significantly cheaper than fiber optic. Antenna cables are still in use maybe not as much, but they will always be needed. GTOTd Coaxial Cable The GTOTd coaxial extension cable is one of the … Read more

How To Plug A N64 Into A Modern TV?- Nintendo 64 FAQ

A N64 with Goldeneye plugged in

Old consoles can be tricky, that’s why decided to answer some of the more frequent questions about them. If you are looking for a N64 power cord or N64 HDMI adapters we have both. N64 How much is a Nintendo 64 worth today? That depends on whether is it used. Also what condition it’s in … Read more

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What Is PS4 Power Cord Type? – PS4 FAQ

If you have questions about PlayStations power cords, this is the place for you. We try to answer a broad array of questions as quickly and simply as possible. Power Cord Questions What kind of power cord does the PS4 use? Both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro use an AC power cord. The styles … Read more

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Best Extension Cord for Treadmill [2023]

Extension Cord for Treadmill

Are you looking for the best extension cord for a treadmill? Whether you need a heavy-duty extension cable or a surge protector, there’s a cable out there that will fit your needs.  Finding the right extension cord for your treadmill might seem tricky. After all, a treadmill uses a lot of power and requires an … Read more

Why Did My Treadmill Just Stop Working? – Treadmill FAQ

All the important questions you have about extension cords and treadmills, we have the answers. Here are some frequently asked questions you might have. If you are looking for a extension cord for your treadmill, see our list. Treadmill What should I plug my treadmill into? You should plug your treadmill into a dedicated 20 … Read more

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