How To Plug A N64 Into A Modern TV?- Nintendo 64 FAQ

Old consoles can be tricky, that’s why decided to answer some of the more frequent questions about them. If you are looking for a N64 power cord or N64 HDMI adapters we have both.


How much is a Nintendo 64 worth today?

That depends on whether is it used. Also what condition it’s in and is it part of the games (accessory) bundle? A used N64 can be in the price range of $50 to $850.

How powerful was the Nintendo 64?

The N64 was pretty powerful when it came out, it was almost three times as strong as a PS1. Thing that “held” it back was the lack of support for third-party developers to make games on it, the lack of memory of the cartridges compared to CDs, and cutting the memory bandwidth.

N64 Specs

How much RAM did N64 have?

The N64 had 4MB of RAM that could be expanded to 8MB. The original 4MB are soldered to the board. The extra 4MB, came with an expansion pack.

What is the resolution of the N64?

The resolution of the N64 is 240p or 288 for PAL models. For some games, the resolution can go up, but those games were few.

What is the highest resolution for N64?

The highest resolution on the N64 is 480i or 576i for PAL, however most games don’t use the max resolution.

What resolution are N64 textures?

The resolution of the N64 is 649×480, the highest it can go.

Did the N64 have texture filtering?

The N64 did have texture filtering, but it would perform bilinear texture filtering using 3 samples instead of the usual 4. That was one of the reasons for the specific look the games had.

What aspect ratio is N64?

The default aspect ratio of the console is 4:3, although some games (like Goldeneye) run at 16:9 widescreen. Letterboxing might be used for the widescreen.

Did the N64 have 60 fps?

The frame rate of the N64 depended on the game. Most N64 games were caped at 20 fps like Mario 64 ran at 30. Weary few games like F-Zero X or Ridge Racer 64 ran at 60 fps.

What does the 64 stand for in N64?

The 64 in N64 stands for the 64-bit CPU it used.

Is N64 analog or digital?

Even though it seems analog, the N64 is considered more digital.

N64 Controller

How are you supposed to hold a Nintendo 64 controller?

Left hand on the middle handle, right hand on the right handle. Some games that required you to hold the left and right handle, ignoring the middle, but those were rare.

Why does the N64 controller have 3 handles?

There are three ways to hold the controller, or three controllers in one. That means more games can be played with one controller.

What plugs into the back of an N64 controller?

Controller Pak can be plugged into the controller, compatible games can then save player data to the Pak

N64 Slots

Will N64 turn on without a game?

No, the N64 won’t turn on without a game.

Can cartridge tilting damage N64?

Yes, tilting can damage both the cartridge and the hardware. From sound glitches, freezing, crashing your game, and short circuits there are many reasons to be careful with the cartridge.

Doing this can ruin your cartridge and possibly damage hardware. Doing this can freeze, hang (permanently freeze), or crash your game. This will also glitch your sounds and can even be loud. Doing this also can cause short circuits.

What plugs into the bottom of the N64?

The 64DD plugs into the bottom extension port of the N64. The 64DD lets the N64 to use the 64MB magnetic disks (for expandable and rewritable data storage, a font and audio library and a real time clock).

Will N64 work without a jumper pack?

Yes, if it has an Expansion Pak. Without both the Expansion Pak and a Jumper Pak, there will be no picture on the TV.

Is a Jumper Pak the same as an Expansion Pak?

No, the Jumper Pack doesn’t expand the memory of the console, the Expansion Pak does.

What is N64 Jumper Pak used for?

The so-called Terminator Pak is used to end the RAMBUS bus when there is no Expansion Pak.

What does the N64 booster pack do?

The N64 booster pak doubles the RAM of your console from 4MB to 8MB. One of the first games that used this was Donkey Kong 64. It allowed for more detailed graphics, better resolution, and longer draw distances.

N64 Power Specs

How many volts does the N64 need?

You need at least 7.4 volts to run your N64 properly. You can also run at as little as 3.3V, but the video won’t work unless you are using UltraVGA. 5V is probably the least it will run while working.

Is the Nintendo 64 dual-voltage?

Yes, the N64 it is dual voltage.

How many watts does an N64 use?

The N64 uses, on average around 19 watts.

How much power does the N64 use?

The N64 needs 3.3V to function for gameplay. However, to include video, you’ll need 5V. For audio and video, you’ll want to run the full 12V.

N64 Cables And Connectors

What type of cable does the N64 use?

The N64 uses a AV composite cable for picture and sound, and a standard DC plug cord for power.

What cables do you need for an N64?

All you need for an N64 is a power cord and an audio-visual cord. You can choose if you want to use an RCA A/V Out cord, S-video cable, or HDMI adapter. Each cord has pros and cons, especially in terms of picture quality. You also need to consider the type of TV or monitor you’ll play on.

What connector does the N64 use?

When it comes to cable connectors on the back, the N64 has a Composite RCA, A/V out connector (red, white, yellow) and an N64 AC adapter.

Power Cord/Adapter

What cable does N64 use?

The N64 uses a fairly standard DC plug. The cord is strong enough to send 12V to the console. The DC end of the plug is a cylinder, and the plug that goes into the wall has two prongs.

What kind of power cord does Nintendo use?

Throughout history, Nintendo used different power cords depending on the technology at the time. Power cords used to be very short, bulky, and not too powerful. But as technology advanced, Nintendo upgraded its systems along with it.

What kind of power cord does N64 use?

The N64 came out in the mid-90s, so it uses a standard DC plug. The DC end is a cylinder, and the wall plug has two prongs.

Are 3rd party power cords trustworthy for the N64?

Third-party power cords can be trustworthy, you just need to make sure you picked a quality one.

Why does my AC adapter stay warm after I turn the N64 off?

If you have an original AC power adapter you most likely have nothing to worry about. Original AC adapters for the N64 are high quality, but they do like power… a lot. Just unplug the cord when you are done with the console, and it will cool off once it spends the excess energy it is holding on to.

Why is my power adapter making noise?

If it is high pitch noise there are two most likely options. It can be just coil whine, which happens to electronics when they vibrate from too much power. It can also be a dead capacitor, if there is no problem other than the noise you should be fine using the same cord. If there are other issues with the noise change the cable.

Power Supply

Is the power supply supposed to be a little warm after hours of inactivity?

If you leave the power supply plugged in, it is normal for it to be warm. Unless it’s really hot you have nothing to worry about. Unplug your cords when not using them, it is safer and saves you money.

What tends to fail on an N64 power supply?

Check the fuses and capacitors first (also on the output section) if it’s not that…

Take a multimeter, set it on diode mode, and check the voltage on the 12v rail for a short circuit. Black on the center pin, red on the right pin. If it gives you around 0.002v it’s a dead short, if it is not the rail it will be between 0.600 and 1.200v. If this is the problem, you have to find the same chip and change it.

Dead optoisolator also reduces voltage. If this is a 220v model be careful the voltage hits 450v in places.

Does anyone know where to find an authentic Nintendo power supply?

The best way to find an original power supply is eBay especially if it’s a US power supply, EU ones are harder to come by. Amazon is also worth a glance.

TVs & Monitors

How do I connect my Nintendo 64 to my old TV?

You use the AV cable to connect the TV and the N64. Just match the colors on the TV ports with the plugs on the AV cable.

Can you connect a Nintendo 64 to a modern TV?

Yes, there are ways to connect an N64 to a modern TV. Some ways work better than others, and often the best fixes are the most expensive.

How do I hook up my old Nintendo 64 to my new TV?

You will most likely need a Composite AV to HDMI converter to connect an N64 to a modern TV. You might be able to use Composite Video cable, S-Video cable, or RF cable on some modern TVs.

How do I hook up a Nintendo 64 to a Smart TV?

There is no difference between hooking it up to a smart TV and any other new TV.

Do the N64 and other game systems work on a 4K LED smart HDTV?

If the TV and console have the same inputs, then yes, it will work. However, if they don’t have the same inputs you will need to convert the signal, and even then it might not work well. Old consoles and new TVs, don’t match well.

Can you upscale N64?

Yes, you can. You can use a 2x or even a 5x upscaler if you want to.

What kind of TV do I need to plug in a Nintendo 64?

For a perfect old-school experience, you need a CRT TV. You can also use any TV that has connectors you need, or you can use converters and/or scalers.

Does N64 look better on old TV?

Most old consoles look better on TVs from the same era, the N64 is no different. So yes, the N64 looks better on an old TV in this case a CRT.

Why won’t my Nintendo 64 connect to my TV?

Check if you connected the AV cables to your TV properly. If it’s not the cable sequence, check if the cables are damaged. You can get AV to HDMI converter if your TV doesn’t have AV ports.

Why doesn’t my Nintendo 64 work on my TV?

The age difference between an N64 and a newer TV is pretty big, a lot of things can go wrong. The specific problem depends on the TV you have, in most cases, it’s a signal problem (missing frames, terrible picture).

Why does my TV say it doesn’t get a signal from my N64, it’s like there is nothing plugged into it?

Check the cable that connects your Nintendo and TV, if possible, try a different cable. Another step that you can do if possible is to try another TV. If it is neither, it might be the power supply, capacitors, or something else inside the console. See if you can find a good repair shop if you can’t check it alone.

Will an N64 work on 720p TV?

Yes, it will work. The N64 will work with almost any TV you can plug it into, it just depends, on which will look better and if it needs additional hardware.

How do I connect Nintendo 64 to a computer monitor?

If the monitor doesn’t have AV plugs, you will either need to mod your N64, or you can use a converter to convert the cable to HDMI.

Why is my N64 so bright?

Check your TV settings, if that doesn’t help try changing cables. And if the problem is still there try a different TV.


Can you connect N64 to HDMI?

Yes, you can, using a Composite AV to HDMI converter. It’s quick and easy, in most cases they are plug-and-play.

Does the N64 have HDMI?

No, the N64 does not have a built-in HDMI. But you can get an adapter.

How to convert N64 to HDMI?

You convert the N64 to HDMI using a composite AV to HDMI adapter.

Is it worth buying an HDMI converter for N64?

If you are using a new TV, it is worth buying a converter. Some converters are better than others, so make sure which is the best for your TV, do some research.

Does HDMI make N64 better?

HDMI is faster than AV connectors, but that doesn’t make the games 4K or anything. You might find the gameplay more enjoyable, it can bring some games up to 480p. I think it looks and feels the best when it’s played as supposed to on an old CRT.

Why is my video blurry when using an N64 to HDMI adapter?

A cheap HDMI might be the reason for the blurriness, however, even an expensive HDMI won’t work as well as a 2x upscaler or an S-Video cable. It’s an old console connected to a new TV, those two weren’t meant for each other.

N64 And Other Consoles

Does the Wii AV cable work for N64?

The Wii AV cable looks similar to the N64 AV cable. Try gently plugging the cable into the other console if it doesn’t want to go in, it doesn’t work. If it does go in try turning it on to see if there is a signal.

Do the N64 and the GameCube use the same AV cable?

Yes, you can use the same AV cord with the N64, GameCube, and SNES. Note that this is true for NTSC consoles. PAL consoles have some differences in the Composite cable.

Does the N64 use the same AV cable as the SNES?

Yes, the N64 should use the same AV cable as the SNES.

Can N64 run SNES games?

Thanks to the ridiculously priced Tristar 64 adapter you can run some NES/SNES games on the N64.

Can a Wii play N64 games?

If you “hack” the Wii, you can run emulators on it to play N64 games.

Frequent Problems

Why won’t my N64 turn on?

Check the power cord, and look for any kind of damage. Clean the system and all the cord contacts. And always check with a different cord if possible. If none of those helped, the problem is inside the console.

How do you fix a Nintendo 64 that won’t turn on?

Make sure it’s properly plugged in, if it is try changing the power cord. If that doesn’t help, get a multimeter, you have to find what component in side the Nintendo is not working.

Why do N64 games stop working?

Because of dirt. Clean the cartridge and the cartridge slot, if that doesn’t help check the pins on both. Dirt and bent/broken pins are the culprits most of the time.

Can an N64 overheat?

The N64 itself can’t run all that hot. But the power cord/supply can, especially if it’s not original.

Why does my N64 randomly reset?

The reason for this is, often, that the power brick plug going into the console can get loose. Be it the console or power brick the fixe is easy. Jam something in it, some kind of thin plastic or something else that shouldn’t burn.

How do you clean an old N64?

You can use canned air/brush to get the dust out of the ports, but cleaning it fully is tricky. The best way to learn how to clean an N64 is by watching a video of somebody doing it.