Best [Coaxial] Antenna Extension Cables – 2023

Although the modern digital age is increasingly supportive of wireless and fiber optic cables, coaxial cable is well-shielded and reliable. It is also significantly cheaper than fiber optic. Antenna cables are still in use maybe not as much, but they will always be needed.

GTOTd Coaxial Cable
GTOTd Coaxial Cable
GTOTd Coaxial Cable

The GTOTd coaxial extension cable is one of the most popular on Amazon, with low prices but good quality. It is both durable and reliable. It is black with silver screw-fit endings and comes in different lengths, ranging from 1.5ft to as much as 35ft. 

It has a male connector at one end with a female at the other, and the connections are nickel-plated to improve conductivity and reduce corrosion. It is listed as an RG-6, 75-ohm cable that can be used indoors or outside. The solid center conductor is copper plated with three layers of aluminum shielding. This ensures the signal is excellent. The outer layer is standard PVC, it protects the cables and ensures it is flexible enough to go where you need it.

Postta Digital Coaxial Cable
Postta Digital Coaxial Cable
Postta Digital Coaxial Cable

The Possta digital coaxial cable comes in a standard white, reflecting the same color as your original coaxial cable. It has two male ends, both fitted with screw attachments, allowing them to be secured. It is available in different sizes, ranging from 4ft to 100ft. It ensures your signal quality is excellent with quad-shielding via aluminum and braid. These materials minimize crosstalk, electromagnetic interference, and even radio frequency issues. 

The core of the cable is oxygen-free copper, and the outer jacket is high-quality PVC that might feel a bit stiff. This isn’t just durable and good-looking it’s also environmentally friendly. In addition, you will be pleased to note that the Possta antenna extension cable also comes with a one-year warranty.

EleMiniKin TV Antenna Extention Coaxial Cable
EleMiniKin TV Antenna Extention Coaxial Cable
EleMiniKin TV Antenna Extention Coaxial Cable

The EleMiniKin coaxial extension cable comes with a coupler to make it easy to extend the length of your coaxial antenna cable. This cable is 15ft long and finished in soft but durable black PVC. It is rated at 75 ohms and has a male connector at each end. The included coupler has two female connection points, allowing you to connect a male cable to another one.  

 It uses a copper core with triple shielding to protect against sound or audio disruption and can be used inside or outside the home. The cable is 3C-2V which makes it better quality than the standard RG-6 but thinner. That s perfect when you have little room to work with. 

Factors To Consider

Coaxial is popular because it is cheap and effective. It is extremely easy to extend a coaxial cable and the cables are surprisingly durable.

However, before you commit to one of the following antenna extension cables, there are several things you should be aware of and consider.

Length Of Extension

A coaxial cable will lose a little of the signal between the antenna and the receiver box. While a small drop makes no discernable difference, when the drop is too big you will notice a drop in image and audio quality.

In general, you will lose about twenty decibels per one hundred feet of cable. If you have a long extension, you will need to consider whether the drop in signal is worth it or if you are better off moving the antenna. If moving the antenna closer and still have the same signal quality is possible, you may find this a more practical solution. 

Manufacturer Reputation

When you are choosing any product one of the most important considerations is who has made the product and who is supplying it. When you are choosing an antenna extension cable you should know who the manufacturer is and trust them. If you have heard of them already then you should have an opinion regarding how good, or bad, they are. 

But, if you have never heard of them, you will need to investigate a little. That means checking with family, friends, and work colleagues to find out if they have any experience with them and what they think of the business.

If this isn’t helpful then take a look at social media and online forums. You will find plenty of honest opinions to help you make your mind up.  


It is always a good idea to look at several options before you commit to buying one. This will help you to establish an average price. With an average price in mind, you will be able to decide if the price of the antenna extension cable you intend to buy is reasonable. Don’t forget, if the price is too cheap it can suggest poor quality. But, too high and you need to question what you are getting for the additional funds. 

Coaxial Antenna Extension Cables

Choosing the right antenna extension cable doesn’t need to be a complicated decision. Once you understand their role and the different options available to you it becomes easy to select one that will do the job you need it to. There is also a coaxial cable for gigabit internet.

The above list is a great starting point to help you find a cable by a reputable manufacturer and enjoy your video or audio device in a new position. You might need a BNC to RCA adapter. If you are thinking about a new set-up or changing your existing layout, it is worth picking up one of these antenna extension cables before you start. 


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