Best N64 Power Cord [2023]

There’s something exciting about hooking up an N64 to play classic games. However, not even the 90s quality can save it from the sledgehammer that is time.

Broken parts can try to stop you from jumping around as the mustache-wearing Italian plumber, we will help you get back to it. If you have questions about anything N64 related, check our FAQ page or our N64 HDMI adapter article.

Best N64 Power Cord

AreMe AC Power Supply Adapter for N64 System

The AreMe AC Power Adapter for the N64 is another bundle that includes a power cord and A/V cables. The charger has overcurrent protection, so you don’t have to worry about blowing out your older console.

If you think the power cord isn’t working, gently push it more into place. It’s a tight fit, so be careful not to bend the prongs. But it won’t connect without some force.

  • Low noise
  • Includes A/V cables (quick installation)
  • One-year warranty
  • 2-month money-back guarantee
  • Won’t power on until you push it firmly into place
  • Power supply might not fit
  • Feels cheap

Best Budget N64 Power Cord

Old Skool Nintendo 64 Replacement AC Adapter

The Old Skool Nintendo 64 replacement AC adapter is great. It seems cheaply made because it’s so light, but it’s an affordable replacement. With six feet of cord, you can plug it into an outlet far from the console.

However, I noticed the power cord gets hot during use, so you might want to time your gameplay to prevent damage. 

  • Cord is six feet long
  • Light weight
  • Low price
  • Overheats
  • No aligning notch
  • Feels cheap

Best High End N64 Power Cord

Best N64 Power Cord - NOVEMS N64 A/V Cable and Power Supply Set

NOVEMS N64 A/V Cable and Power Supply Set is a power cord and A/V cable bundle, this set is the one to buy if you also have a GameCube. 

The pins on the power cord aren’t very sturdy, so you have to plug it in carefully. Its plug is also on the slim side, so be careful when playing because it can wobble.

  • AC Power Adapter and an AV Cable
  • Compatible with N64, Gamecube, NGC, Super SNES
  • One-year warranty
  • Tight fit
  • Doesn’t click in the place
  • Coil whine

Buyers Guide

Picking the best cord is pretty straightforward in this situation. You want something in your price range, something that works and wont break immediately.

  • Price: how much are you willing to spend on a new cable (or how much can you afford to spend), once you got a price range go to the next step.
  • Specs: next you want the cables that work with your N64, so you check what specs the Nintendo needs and what are the specs of the cables in front of you.
  • Quality: once you have the cables with the right specs and price range, you go true the comments, see other peoples experiences and try to form a rough idea of what kind of product you are dealing with.

N64 Power Cord Conclusion

There are plenty of power cord options for your N64 console. The three options on this list give you a chance to buy the cord itself or bundle it with A/V cords so you can start playing immediately. Enjoy your classic Nintendo games with a replacement N64 power cord.


May 20. 2022: Article posted.

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