CGA to VGA Converters in 2022

A converter on a black surface

Graphics controllers are an essential part of any computer system. It allows the electronic code created by the computer to be sent to a screen and be displayed as an image. In short, it allows you to see what you’re typing or playing on the computer. Significantly, it allowed video to be played on your … Read more

85w Magsafe 2 Power Adapter for Apple – Buyer’s Guide 2022

Somebody holding the connector of a MagSafe, with lines leading to text explaining what the pins do

Apple products are arguably some of the highest-quality items in the world. This is reflected in the price that is generally charged for them and the loyalty of Apple customers. Of course, Apple is constantly developing new technology and seeking ways to improve customer offerings. This is reflected in the design of the Magsafe 2 … Read more

Travel Extension Cord – Top 5 Picks In 2022

Somebody holding two power strips on a table

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you set off on an adventure. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a weekend break, a long holiday, or are setting off into the unknown.   Of course, this feeling can quickly diminish when you realize you’ve forgotten something. While many things can be anticipated and … Read more

Microwave Extension Cord – Buyer’s Guide 2022

Best Microwave Extension Cord

The microwave was first sold in 1946. The technology is actually based on radar developments which were essential during the Second World War. Perry Spencer is credited with inventing the microwave. However, it took many years for them to become an accepted part of the modern kitchen. Many people were concerned about introducing radio waves … Read more

EH-5b AC Adapters – Buyer’s Guide 2022

A Nikon camera on the forest floor

The EH-5b AC adapter is designed to power an array of DSLR Nikon cameras from the wall socket. It’s a valuable piece of kit when you’re battery is flat and you need to take a picture. More importantly, when you wish to work with your camera in the studio, the best EH-5b AC adapters will … Read more

Speaker To RCA Converter – Best in 2022

Speaker To RCA Converter

RCA cables and connectors are generally acknowledged to offer high-quality audio signals. You’ll find them on  most stereo systems. RCA connectors split the audio signal into two, effectively creating a right side and a left side. You’re probably familiar with the dual plugs for audio, one is red, the other is white. They can be … Read more