How To Make A 30 Amp Generator Extension Cord

Somebody plugging a male plug into a generator

There are many benefits to having a 30 amp generator extension cord, including all recreational and outdoor uses. Their heavy-duty design and construction make them ideal for varying weather conditions.  Generator extension cords can withstand extreme weather and year-round climate changes. They can be used indoors and outdoors and provide users with large amounts of … Read more

VGA Extension Cable – Top 5 picks in 2022

A well used VGA plug

VGA cables, also known as Video Graphics Array cables, have 15 pins. These cables are designed to connect electronic devices, they carry the video signal. In effect, they allow the transfer of images between equipment. For example, from your computer to the monitor or television. They are commonly used and easily recognized, with three rows … Read more

Top 6 Adapter For Xbox One Controller in 2022

Somebody going to lift a Xbox controller next to an adapter

Most people fall into one of two camps when considering game consoles, the latest Xbox, or the most recent PlayStation. Both are excellent machines and have plenty of advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the Xbox has Xbox One Kinect. Though just like for the PS you might need Replacement or Extension cables for your Xbox. … Read more

AC Adapter For Nintendo Wii U – 2022 Buyers guide

A Nintendo Wii U on a desk

Nintendo has been producing high-quality game consoles for many years. The Wii U was released near the end of 2012 and was designed as a successor to the Wii. What may surprise you is that it was the first eight-generation video game console. That’s a testimony to the longevity of the games console. In fact, … Read more

MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter – Best In 2022

A freshly unpacked MagSafe converter

The original Magsafe power connector was introduced by Apple Inc in January 2006. In essence, it’s a power cable for your Apple computer that has magnetic built into it. These ensure the cable stays in position even if it is subjected to unexpected forces. For example, tripping over the cable will tug on the computer … Read more

NES Classic Controller Extension Cables – Top 5 Picks In 2022

A NES on a white desk

The Nintendo Entertainment System, (NES) Classic was released in November 2016 and is a miniature version of the original NES. It has thirty built-in games, including some of the most popular titles in the NES library. Interestingly, the Japanese version of the NES classic uses hardwired controllers, all other systems use the same connector as … Read more

Replacement Cables for Sennheiser Headphones – 2022

Two pairs of Sennheiser's headphones on their racks

Sennheiser offers an array of headphones, catering for all budgets and needs. Whether you’re a recording artist, disc jockey, or love gaming, you’ll find a set of Sennheiser headphones that are perfect for you. They have high quality studio headphones that rival the AKG K240 and high quality gaming headphones that are up to par … Read more

CGA to VGA Converters in 2022

A converter on a black surface

Graphics controllers are an essential part of any computer system. It allows the electronic code created by the computer to be sent to a screen and be displayed as an image. In short, it allows you to see what you’re typing or playing on the computer. Significantly, it allowed video to be played on your … Read more