How To Hide Baby Monitor Cord/Camera

Baby monitors are a wonderful tool for keeping an eye on your beloved child in their first few years. If your bedroom is far away from theirs, or you want to be able to check in on them from anywhere in the house, a baby monitor is an answer. 

But many parents want to hide the baby monitor camera and cord to create a safer and more appealing environment for the child. 

How To Hide Baby Monitor Cord  

Below are four excellent methods for hiding a baby monitor cord and securing it. Some you can do with materials around your home, and others require you to make an additional purchase. 

Cord Cover 

A baby camera above a crib with the cable hidden by a cord cover
You want to make sure your baby can’t reach the cable

A cord cover is a strip of plastic or silicone that can hide any cord. They come in all colors, so you can choose one that matches your floor or wall to hide the wire seamlessly. The cord covers have ridges where you can slip the wire into them easily. 

Tools and Materials

  • A cord cover


  1. Buy a cord cover online or in store. Choose an inconspicuous color. 
  2. Unplug the monitor. 
  3. Place the cord cover over the baby monitor’s cord. 
  4. Place the cord cover on the floor or against the wall. 

Cable Sleeve

Cables in a cable sleeve on the floor
The cable sleeve is more for hiding the cable then it is for protecting it

Cable sleeves are a little different than cord covers. A cable sleeve is more flexible and allows you to move the cord if necessary, while cord covers are more rigid. So instead of using the cable sleeve to protect the cable, you can use it to hide multiple cables quick and easy.

Tools and Materials

  • Cable sleeve


  1. Measure the cord.
  2. Buy a cable sleeve in a color you like and the length you need. 
  3. Unplug the cord.
  4. Place it over the baby monitor’s cord.
  5. Run the cord behind a piece of furniture or along a baseboard. 

Use Curtains

A room with a crib and high curtains
Using curtains for the cord, and the rod for the camera is a great combo

Many parents place their baby monitors on a window sill because it offers an excellent vantage point. If you run the cord along the windowsill, you can use long curtains to hide the cord easily. Even if the wire falls to the floor, floor-length curtains are a beautiful way to mask the cord and make the room cozier. 


  1. Position the baby monitor near the windows and curtains.
  2. Find a nearby outlet.
  3. Run the cord along the windowsill, using the curtains to hide the cable. 

How To Hide Baby Monitor Camera  

Now that you know how to hide the cord, you might want to hide the camera. Hiding the camera requires a bit more creativity, but there are options. 

Some methods involve disguising the baby monitor camera as something else, while others use elements already in the baby’s room to hide the camera!

Hiding camera in a Toy

A teddy bear, but instead of one eye its a camera
Try not to scare your children with half cyborg teddy bears

You can get crafty and insert a monitor into a stuffed animal using some DIY skills, or you can do something simple. 

Even just draping the arms of a stuffed teddy bear over or around the camera can hide the technology and make for a cute look. Another good option is strategically placing the camera inside a dollhouse or other structure the monitor would fit.

Tools and Materials

  • A large or medium-sized toy or toys


  1. Choose a toy.
  2. Make an opening in the toy where the camera can fit. 
  3. Insert the monitor and test out the camera to ensure visibility. 

Hiding in a Plant

A camera hidden in a house plant
This is a good way for hiding any kind of camera

A classic spy location for a secret camera is inside a houseplant! If you have a lovely plant in your baby’s room, you can position the camera inside, and then you won’t have an ugly camera sitting out in the room. 

Tools and Materials

  • A potted plant (real or fake)


  1. Place the plant up high so you can have a good view of the room. 
  2. Nestle the camera in the center of the plant.
  3. Make sure no leaves are blocking the camera’s visibility. 

Hiding a cam behind Books

A camera hidden between books
Use your baby’s book collection to hide the camera

Another cute idea is to hide the camera behind a stack or row of baby books. Baby monitors are usually pretty small, so they often fit between the wall and books on a shelf or bureau. You can place the camera on top of the books or behind them on a small stand. 

You probably have baby books in your child’s room already, so this is an easy solution to hide your baby monitor camera. 

Tools and Materials

  • Two or more books
  • A small block or stand


  1. Place the books in a stack or stand them up right next to one another.
  2. Either place the baby monitor on top of the books or behind them using a small stand or block that the camera can rest on. 

Hide it on a Curtain Rod

A room with a crib and curtains on both sides of it
Use the curtain rod for the camera and the curtains for the cable

If your baby’s room has curtains and a curtain rod, placing the camera on the end of the rod is a great idea. Placing the camera on the curtain rod will reduce its appearance because it is high and out of sight. 

But it’s also a great vantage point to keep an eye on your child and monitor the entire room without any obstructions. The smaller your baby monitor camera, the better this method will work to hide it. 

Tools and Materials

  • Adhesive tape or
  • A baby monitor with an attachment


  1. Locate a good spot on your curtain rod.
  2. Set up your camera to view the room. Either use adhesive tape to secure it or the monitor’s attachment if it has one. 

Why Hide a Baby Monitor Cord and Camera

If you’re wondering why someone would want to hide the item that allows them to keep an eye on their young child, there are a few logical reasons. So if you weren’t planning on getting a cord or camera cover, you may want to reconsider. 


If you have a toddler, they may wander around their room. If the baby monitor cord and camera are not securely hidden and organized, your child could play with the cord, posing a safety hazard. 


Baby monitors aren’t just for babies. Most parents use a baby monitor until their child is around four or five years old. 

But around this age, your smart kid might realize they’re being watched and feel the urge to mess with the camera. If they’re doing this but you aren’t ready to go without the monitor, you can disguise the monitor as something else for a little while. 


Of course, many people simply want to hide the cord and camera for aesthetic purposes. Loose cords are ugly and exposed cameras can have an odd look in your baby’s room. 

After you spent so much time choosing colors and getting your child’s room ready for them, you don’t want the adorable and charming appearance ruined by an unattractive monitor cord or camera. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Below are commonly asked questions relating to baby monitors and how to use them. 

Where to install a baby monitor?

You have options for installing your baby monitor, including on the wall, on a flat surface, on the floorboard, or the side of your baby’s crib. 

Make sure you decide where you want your baby monitor to go before buying one, so you get the right camera and the right cord cover to go with it. Some baby monitors come with their own latch that attaches them to the crib. 

How do you mount a baby monitor without holes?

If you want to mount a baby monitor without holes, you can get one that mounts to the floorboards, crib, or even just sits on a surface. 

These are easier to install, and since they are closer to the floor, you will have fewer cords to hide. Baby monitors can also be lightweight enough to stick on the wall using an adhesive like Command Strips, which can often hold up to 16 pounds of weight. 

How long do children need a baby monitor?

Experts recommend removing the baby monitor when your child becomes comfortable sleeping in their bed alone through the night. 

If they still cry when they wake up alone or have frequent nightmares, you can keep the baby monitor in the room longer than normal. Typically, children are ready to sleep without one at around four years old. 

Hiding A Baby Monitor Camera/Cord

Just because you have a baby monitor in your child’s room doesn’t mean you have to look at it all the time. Whether you’re concerned with safety or aesthetics, now you can confidently set up your baby monitor to look nice and work perfectly.