Best Extension Cord for Treadmill [2023]

Are you looking for the best extension cord for a treadmill? Whether you need a heavy-duty extension cable or a surge protector, there’s a cable out there that will fit your needs. 

Finding the right extension cord for your treadmill might seem tricky. After all, a treadmill uses a lot of power and requires an extension cord that can keep up with the output. If you have any questions check our FAQ page.

Best Treadmill Extension Cord

The Iron Forge extension cord is an excellent option if you need something affordable and durable. With reinforced prongs and double strain relief, it has the markings of a quality cable. Temperatures ranging from -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C) should not be a problem for this UL-listed cord. And the lifetime replacement warranty makes it an easy choice.

 It’s hard to tell if the jacket is as high quality as it seems. Also, some people experienced the same problem with shipment mix-ups, something that seems like the main problem with most of these cables.

Voltage Wattage
125V 1625W
Amps Gauge
13 16/3
  • Affordable and durable
  • Reinforced prongs
  • Double strain relief
  • UL-listed
  • -40°F to +140°F
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Questionable jacket quality

Best Budget Extension Cord for Treadmill

The Amazon Basics extension cord is flexible, UL-rated, and has a LED indicator light. It is a durable cord that has an SJT tag. It might not have a lot of big claims and it doesn’t need them, it does exactly what you expect it to.

It is only for indoor use. The plugs are on the slim side and might not hold well.

Voltage Wattage
125V 1500W
Amps Gauge
13 16
  • Flexible cord
  • LED indicator
  • SJT
  • Indoor use only
  • Slim plugs

Best Midrange Extension Cord for Treadmill

DanYee’s cable for indoor and outdoor use is UL-listed and SJTW-tagged. It is suitable for temperatures from -40°F to 130°F (-40°C to 54.4°C). One of the standouts is the strain relief connectors, which should help it last longer. It should withstand moisture, so using it in rooms that aren’t dry should be no problem.

This cable should not be used when wet, and even the outdoor rating is questionable. It seems some cords say they are for outside use, while others have warnings against it. Most of the complications come from shipment problems.

Voltage Wattage
125V 1500W
Amps Gauge
13 16
  • High quality
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • UL-listed
  • SJTW
  • -40°F to 130°F
  • Strain relief connectors
  • Withstands moisture
  • NOT waterproof

Best High-end Extension Cord for Treadmill

Clear Power has multiple choices, not just by length but by features also. The one we picked is extra long but you can always go with a shorter one (just make sure your cable is not coiled or bunched up when in use). With locking connectors and built-in lights, it is all about safety. From -40°F up to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C) are no problem for this water, weather, kink, and abrasion-resistant outdoor cable. And if all that isn’t enough it’s also flame retardant.

There’s a lack of 6 ft. cables with one outlet. The more pressing problem is that it would seem the quality fluctuates a lot, most of the cables work great but not everybody gets that cable. Another case of shipment mistakes being the main problem.

Voltage Wattage
125V 1875W
Amps Gauge
15 14/3
  • SJTW
  • Locking connector
  • Built-in indicator lights
  • Water, weather, kink, and abrasion resistant, flame retardant
  • Outdoor rated
  • -40°F up to +140°F
  • Nickel-coated brass blades
  • Hit or miss quality

Best Treadmill Extension Cord With a Surge Protector

This one is all about the surge protector, if you are worried about that this cable is for you. It has two outlets in a metal housing and meets the UL safety standards. Integrated 12 Ampere circuit breaker makes sure you are safe. And with all those safety features it still has keyholes for wall mounting and a light up on-off switch.

The cable is advertised as “removing noise”, but it would seem in some cases it adds it. Now that is more of an exception than a rule. It seems not every cable meets the same standard, so the circuitry is hit or miss. If your treadmill trips your breaker this cord probably wont help much, some people used it to fix that for some it didn’t work.

Voltage Wattage
120V 1440W
Amps Gauge
15 14
  • Surge protector
  • Integrated 12 amp circuit breaker
  • Two outlets
  • Metal housing
  • UL listed
  • Keyhole slots for wall mounting
  • Lighted on/off switch
  • Might add noise
  • Inconsistent circuitry
  • Doesn’t always help with breaker tripping

How to pick the best treadmill extension cord?

A treadmill is considered a heavy-duty appliance, which means it needs more power than most things, making it “dangerous”. You want a cable that can first handle the load (specs) and is good quality, and then you want to look at the price range.


Treadmills can use between 600 and 700 watts (depending on the model). They connect to 120-volt outlets and can use up to 20 amps. A surge protector is a good choice, especially if your treadmill is tripping a breaker.

You need to see what specs your specific treadmill needs. Once you know the specs you have to find a cable that fits. A specification you might not think is important is cable length. Of course, you want a cable that is long enough, however you don’t want a cable that is too long. Long cables need to be bunched up or coiled, leading to heating up (and ultimately fire).


Cable specs meant nothing if the quality lacks. Checking other people’s comments on a product is a good way to create an image of the quality of the product. And if you are not sure about cable a money-back guarantee is a great way to see for yourself self is it good or not. But if you have a low-quality cable, or a damaged cable don’t use it.


As always more money doesn’t mean better quality, but if something is too good to be true it usually is. So You want to find a cord in your price range, but don’t settle. This is a cable that needs to do a big task, the last thing you want is a cable that cant do its job. Quality and specs before price.

Final Thoughts

Even though you should always try to plug your treadmill directly into a wall outlet or surge protector, there are viable extension cord options.

If necessary, picking one of these sturdy, durable extension cords for your treadmill will give you extra space without posing any risk to your appliances or home. 


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