RCA Cables for Amp – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

If you’re on the hunt for the best RCA cables for an amplifier, this buyer’s guide should help you find the best RCA cables you might need. RCA cables for amps come in a range of sizes, quality, and prices, so it can be challenging to parse through all the options and find the best product. 

To find the best RCA cables to amp that will suit your needs and be a successful audio experience, keep reading. We also answered some questions at the end of the article.

Best RCA Cable To Amplifier

SKW Audiophiles RCA Cable 

SKW Audiophiles RCA Cable 
SKW Audiophiles RCA Cable 

The SKW Audiophiles RCA cable is one of the pricier ones on this buyer’s guide but well worth the money if you want a trusted brand and a high-performance cable. When it comes to quality, these cables blow many competitors out of the water. 

They use premium materials, such as crystal copper shielding, gold-plated connectors, and a nylon braided cable jacket. This speaker cable is designed to last a lifetime. 

It’s super thick but still has excellent flexibility, so you can twist it or bend it to fit into certain places and connect to your amp. Each audio cable undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it will last years and years without breaking or wearing. 

The only negatives of this product are the higher price and the tight connectors, which can cause damage if pulled out too quickly. The manufacturer recommends gently twisting the connector as you pull to prevent this. 


  • 6n single crystal copper shielding
  • 24K gold-plated connectors
  • Crystal clear and natural sound
  • Super durable design


  • Expensive 

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Best RCA Cables For Car Amp

Skar Audio Twisted Pair RCA Interconnect Cable 

Skar Audio Twisted Pair RCA Interconnect Cable 
Skar Audio Twisted Pair RCA Interconnect Cable 

The Skaw Audio Twisted Pair cable is one of the best RCA cable to amplifier. It uses 99.99% oxygen-free multi-strand copper wire construction, ensuring a durable and long-lasting design. 

It’s a male-to-male connector and is a whopping 17-feet long, so you can set up your amp across a large room and have flexibility in moving your sound system around. 

One of the best aspects of this car audio cable or speaker cable is the twisted pair technology for maximum signal transfer, so you get a crisp and clear sound with no interruptions. 

The color-coded metal ends of the connectors make it easy to use and set up, even if you’re not a pro. There is a 2-year limited warranty, but the max flex jacket over the cable offers extra flexibility so the cable can bend and twist with ease. 

It comes in a lovely blue color with a matte finish to give your amp wires a stylish look. But most importantly, the sound is excellent, with very little static or other noise to interfere with your music. And it’s easy to install and use, even for people that aren’t familiar with this kind of technology. 


  • 17-foot cable
  • Durable copper construction
  • Twisted pair technology
  • Stylish appearance


  • Possibly disappointing bass
  • Thin cable

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Best RCA Cables For 4 Channel Amp

Elite Audio RCA Interconnects Stereo Cable

Elite Audio RCA Interconnects Stereo Cable
Elite Audio RCA Interconnects Stereo Cable

The Elite RCA cables are incredibly durable and sturdy. They fit into female plugs perfectly and even have a twist-to-lock mechanism to ensure a secure connection. So you ever have to worry about these slipping out while using the amps. 

One of the best aspects of the product is the option to choose between 2-channel, 4-channel, and 6-channel to get the best cable for the type of amp you use. 

The manufacturer also offers several different length options, from as short to 1.5 feet to as long as 17-feet. And it comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

These work super well with both high and low capacity audio, so you can crank up the tunes on your amp and rock out. But sometimes, there is a faint humming noise along with the audio, but it’s hardly noticeable. 

The connectors are firm and stay in place, but the color coding is sometimes off, so it may take some trial and error to plug it in correctly the first time you use them.  


  • 17-foot cables
  • Option for 4-6 connectors
  • Oxygen-free double-shielded copper core 
  • Combination of brass and copper connectors
  • Rotational locking clamps


  • Lack of appropriate color-coding
  • Thight connector

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RCA cables for amplifiers can be complicated to use and purchase. To help you choose the best product and be successful with your RCA adapter and amplifier, read the frequently asked questions and answers below. 

How do I install an RCA cable for subs/amp setup?

Installing RCA cables is super simple, as all you need to do is follow the color-coded connectors. The red connector goes in the red socket, the white connector in the white socket, and so on. 

How do I hook my one speaker wire into RCA jacks to go into my amp?

Pull down the outer sleeve of the RCA plug. Hold one wire to the center of a pin connector and heat with a soldering iron. Apply a small bead of solder and replace the outer sleeve over the wire. 

Why did my RCA cables melt after I hooked them up to my amp?

The cables likely melted because the amplifier is not properly grounded. 

Where do you hook up the blue wire on this 2-channel RCA amplifier?

The blue wire is typically for a power cord or factory amplifier to turn on. Otherwise, the blue cable can be used in the white socket. 

Why is my RCA cable to AMP making popping sounds when connected?

There is a delay between the audio signal and the ground pins, which connect to the amp. This sound is common with high voltage amplifiers. 

Do thicker RCA cables make a difference?

Thicker cables will be more durable, but they can be more difficult to bend and manipulate into certain positions. 

Do you need both RCA cables on an amp?

It depends on the amp and input stage, but most amplifiers will need both RCA cables for the audio to come through. 

How much RCA do I need for a 2-channel amp?

For a 2-channel amplifier, you will only need a 2-channel RCA cable. So there should be two connectors on the cable, one for each channel. 

Can I use RCA instead of speaker wire?

You can use an RCA cable instead of a speaker wire, but it may supply too much electricity to your speaker, causing it to overheat. So it is not recommended that you can acquire a proper speaker cable. 

Are premium RCA cables worth it?

Premium RCA cables are worth it. Even though you may find cheaper options, they will likely burn out or wear out sooner than cables made with premium materials. When it comes to RCA cables for an amplifier, you often get what you pay for. 

Do I need RCA cables for my amp?

Yes, you need RCA cables to connect your amplifier (especially for a car).

What do RCA cables do for an amp?

RCA cables carry signal to your amp, audio signal to be more specific. They carry audio signal to the amplifier to be boosted.

Where do RCA cables go on amp?

There are connectors (usually) on the back of the amplifier, they are color coded, so red RCA cable to red Connector and white cable to white socket.

Can RCA cables be spliced?

Yes RCA cables can be spliced, all you need is tools, some patience and google.

Final Thoughts

While there are enticing affordable options, the premium cables on the market are more likely to deliver an excellent audio experience and last a long time. 

If you pay a super low price for an RCA or car audio cable, it may only last a year or less. And buying a new cable year after year is much less cost-efficient than investing in a premium product. 

But all of the RCA cables on this list have something excellent to offer users, and the best one for you will depend on your needs, expectations, and kind of amplifier