How to Remove Coaxial Cables

A coaxial cable plugged into a wall

Coax cables can be tricky to disconnect. They have a lock, that can be a pain if it is too tight. But don’t worry, once you learn how to deal with them you wont have any problems. How to Remove a Coaxial Cable Lock Before we begin, it is worth mentioning that most manufacturers compose … Read more

How to Set Up a Baby Monitor

Somebody watching a baby on their phone

Welcoming a new baby is one of the most joyous times. Many new additions to your home come with a new baby, including baby monitors. Baby monitors are one of the best tools to keep an eye on your little one while they sleep.  Once you’ve picked out the perfect baby monitor for your home, … Read more

How To Hide Baby Monitor Cord/Camera

Different types of baby cameras laid out on a bed

Baby monitors are a wonderful tool for keeping an eye on your beloved child in their first few years. If your bedroom is far away from theirs, or you want to be able to check in on them from anywhere in the house, a baby monitor is an answer.  But many parents want to hide … Read more

How To Crimp Battery Cable Without A Crimper

Somebody crimping a cable

Your battery cable ripped or snapped, and you don’t have a crimping tool. Crimping tools can be expensive and come with many potential discrepancies. Investing in a specialized tool such as a crimper is not worth it if you are only crimping a few cables.  In this article, you will be able to learn step … Read more

How To Make a 220 Volt Extension Cord

A coiled heavy-duty cable on a table

If you want to know how to make a 220 V extension cord, consider this your complete guide! A 220V extension cord is super useful when you need to run a heavy-duty, high-powered tool or appliance.  With the right tools and determination, you can learn how to make a 220 extension cord rather than running … Read more

How To Remove DisplayPort Cable

Somebody holding a DisplayPort connector

Removing a DisplayPort cable from your monitor and data source may not always be as easy as you think it should. The following troubleshooting steps can help you figure out how to remove DisplayPort cables quickly and easily in most cases. DisplayPort Locking Mechanism Often, the side of the DisplayPort cable that connects to your … Read more

BNC to VGA Converter – Top 6 picks in 2022

A diagram how a BNC to VGA converter works

Getting high-quality video can be difficult, especially when you’re using older analog technology. But, it can also be considered essential, after all, the digital world is constantly improving the quality of images on your screen.  Fortunately, you can use the best BNC to VGA converter to convert your analog signal into a digital one. It … Read more

How To Extend CAT5 Cable

Somebody holding a CAT5e cable

Do you have a CAT5 cable that doesn’t reach far enough for you to connect your devices directly? Or is your Ethernet cable damaged? These options are for you if you want to extend your CAT5 cable instead of purchasing new ones! CAT5 Cables  Category 5 cables are referred to as CAT5 cables. The CAT5 … Read more

IDE to SATA Adapter – Top 4 picks in 2022

Somebody holding a green IDE to SATA adapter

Every computer system needs a hard drive to store the data. It helps the computer have enough processing memory to handle everyday functions. Of course, computers continue to rapidly evolve. IDE’s are an earlier style of connection. They join the hard drive to the motherboard via a parallel connection. SATA is a more modern version … Read more