[Longer] Ethernet Extension Cable – 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Connecting to the internet at top speed is more important than ever before. You are constantly streaming data in one form or another, and you don’t want to lose any quality. 

Wi-Fi is nice, but nothing beats an ethernet connection. You can find many different styles and lengths for an ethernet extension cable so that you can stay connected. 

How Long Can You Go?

On average, the most extended ethernet cord you should run for any component of your system is 100 meters or 300 feet. Anything beyond that will need other pieces to keep up speed and data transfer quality. 

The higher the speed of the cord, the shorter the distance it works at top speed. Don’t worry though, 300 feet is about the span of a football field, so it gives you a lot of space. There are also options to go longer. 

Adapters and Extenders: Are They Worth It? 

You can add to the 300 feet distance by using an ethernet extender or adapter. When it comes to gaining distance, extenders are the better option. 

Adapters have a lot of problems. Every time you plug an adapter in, there is a chance you are going to slow down the signal and increase interference. Therefore, one continuous cord is a better option than putting together multiple smaller cords.    

An ethernet cable extender allows you to take in the signal over longer distances using heavy-duty copper cables. The standard extender supplies a large ethernet cord, and you plug in at both points. You then have to run the cord the whole way. 

A powerline adapter uses your home or office power cords to transfer the data. These have small cords at the router and the adapter but only work in places with connected power systems. Additions and individual office space may not work with this system.

Features of an Ethernet Extension Cable 

When looking for an ethernet extension cable, you want to find one that covers the distance you need and meets your speed requirements. 

What Does CAT Mean?

CAT stands for category and is a quick way of telling you the speed and bandwidth of the cable. You will see cords with CAT ratings from three to eight. Going with cords faster than your system won’t do anything but cost more. 

Going with cords slower than your system will cause your internet speeds to go down. The dip in rate is because the cord will become the weak link in the communications chain. Try to find a CAT cord around the same speed as your internet.  


When you get the cord, you don’t want to buy one with a ton of extra space. The longer the cord, the more likely you are to slow down your connection. It will also make it harder to hide the cord when you finish setting it up. 


You want to try to match your modem speed to your cord speed. If you don’t know your internet speed, you can do a free speed test. Once you have an idea, always make sure to get a cord that is faster than your nets average speed. Then, if you get an internet boost, your cord won’t slow you down. 


Some lower-level ethernet cords offer shielding, but it doesn’t become necessary until CAT 7. Once you go above a CAT 6 cord, the ethernet cord will cause too much interference. This shielding helps stop the cord from disrupting other electronic signals in your home and office. 

The process usually involves adding a foil wrap to the cord. For most homes and offices, this works fine. However, you may need better shielding if you have lots of sensitive equipment. 

The Best Ethernet Extension Cable Options

To get the best ethernet cable, you want to skip the cable adaptors and get one long cable instead. It will make your life easier, and your internet will be faster overall, even if a signal has to travel a little further. 

You can usually get cords in any length up to 300 Ft. If you have to go past that, you will want to look into an extension system. 

Jadaol Flat CAT6 Cable 100 Ft

Jadaol Flat CAT6 Cable 100 Ft

The Jadaol Flat CAT cord is an excellent option for running the cord up and down walls and through doors. The flat design allows you to maneuver the cable through openings easily. 

When it comes to speed, the cord can handle up to 600 MHz of bandwidth and 10 Gbps of data. That is fast enough to play high-end games and stream UHD videos.  

The cord can extend up to 100 feet, which isn’t the longest an ethernet cord can go, but the flat design makes this option unique and valuable.   


  • Flat design makes it easy to run 
  • High-speed performance 
  • Comes with clips for hanging it 

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Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (50 Feet)

Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (50 Feet)

Sometimes you don’t need to add that much more than the standard three or six feet cords. The Mediabridge ethernet cable gives 50 feet to cover distances between rooms and floors for your devices. 

The robust CAT6 cable can deliver 10 Gbps of data speed and 550 MHz of bandwidth. It also comes with insulation wrap so that it won’t interfere with any of your other devices. If you are worried that your home has too many signals, this is a great way to minimize that concern. 


  • Insulation wrap to minimize interference 
  • Rated for running through walls, attics, and basements 
  • Soft Tabs help your fingers during install

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Maximm 300 Ft CAT6

Maximm 300 Ft CAT6

Maximm is the first 300 feet option on the list. For that distance, you get the best conservation of signal and power from a CAT6 connection. The cable offers users an uninsulated wire that delivers top speeds up to 10 Gbps and 550 MHz of bandwidth. 

The company built this cord tough, which allows it to hold up well, even when you run it through a garage or attic. You can also get this cable in seven different colors, so if you can’t hide it, you can turn it into part of your decor. 


  • Maximum distance for an ethernet cable 
  • Contains four pairs of copper and aluminum wires 
  • Extremely durable for indoor use 

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Aurum Cables Outdoor Waterproof CAT6

Aurum Cables Outdoor Waterproof CAT6

When you have to run a cable outdoors to connect your detached garage, a camera system, or any other device, you need a cable that can handle the elements. With the Aurum Outdoor CAT6 cord, you are ready to connect anything. 

The cord comes in units larger than 300 feet, but those units don’t come with adapters and make multiple smaller cords. They are a great option if you are connecting multiple items. 

You can bury the cord underground, so you don’t have to leave it out to make your yard look messy.

You can use this cord in the home as well. It is fast enough and handles enough bandwidth to enjoy all your favorite activities. 


  • Weatherproof 
  • You can bury the cord for any project you need 
  • Can be used poolside 

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Vogue CAT8 100 Ft

Vogue CAT8 100 Ft

The Vogue CAT8 cord is a tremendous future-proof option for ethernet extensions. The cable is capable of the fastest speed on this list. It can reach data rates of 40 Gbps with a bandwidth of 2000MHz. 

The cord is also versatile. It can work indoors or outdoors and is fully waterproof. The wires are pure copper for faster speeds, and they use PVC shielding to not interfere with your other devices. 

They are currently the most expensive option on the list, but you get many features for that price. Your internet may have to catch up to the cords max speed. 


  • Can be used indoor and outdoor 
  • Durable design allows you to run them anywhere convent 
  • Super high speeds 

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Running Ethernet Cables 

Once you get the best ethernet extension cable, you want to make sure that you run it to your devices in the best possible way. Ethernet cables can’t deal with a lot of stress. This limitation means you don’t want people walking on them every day. 

Whenever possible, run the cord through the walls and floor to make it look cleaner. Attics and basements make running cord much easier if you have that option. 

When it has to be in the open, run it up walls, and avoid laying it across the floor. It is easy for people to trip on the cord, which can cause problems. 

Getting staples and picture nails can help you keep it up and out of the way. Be careful not to puncture the cord when you are hanging it, or you may cause extra interference or signal failure. 

Conclusion on Ethernet Extension Cables

An Ethernet extension cable can get you up to 300 ft. of internet connectivity. It is best to use one single cord rather than adapting multiple smaller ones. If you need a system that will go even further, you can look into ethernet extender systems that use a phone or electrical cord to up the distance.

And if your device doesn’t have an ethernet port you can use the NAS adapter for that.

Getting the right cord for the job can be tricky, but you can find one that will work for you by following a few easy steps. Once you have the cord, you want to make sure it stays safe so it will carry your signal for a very long time.