Astro A40 Replacement Cable – Everything You Need To Know in 2023

The Astro A40 has been described as the best gaming headset on the market. It is certainly one of the most comfortable. The headset is used by many professional gamers and makes an excellent choice for amateur gamers as well. They truly are a worthy successor of the Astro A10s linage.

It is worth noting that the Astro A50 has now been released. However, this is a wireless headphone that, while good, generally offers more interference than the Astro A40. 

The A40 is wired, extremely comfortable, and compatible with virtually all types of game consoles and computers. This headset can be either open-back, allowing you to hear what is going on around you, or it can be converted into a closed-back headset. This is generally the better option for competitions and other nosy environments. 

Of course, converting the Astro A40 to a closed-back headset will cost extra as you’ll need to purchase the separate mod kit which has sealed speaker tags, synthetic leather ear cushions, and a higher spec voice-isolating microphone.

What is certain is that this is a good-looking piece of kit just like the Beats Headphones, and thanks to the wired connection, there is very little, if any, interference when in use. 

As mentioned, the Astro A40 is wired. It utilizes a 3.5mm connection at both ends. The original is a 2.0M A 40 Inline mute cable which is durable and robust. But, of all the components in your, this is the one that is most likely to take abuse, get snagged, and be damaged. 

Fortunately, it is easy to replace. 

Things To Consider Before Buying

However, before you select a cable, you should consider the following:

  • Manufacturer

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing anything is ‘who made it?’ The Astro A40 replacement cable is an important piece of kit, you need to know who the manufacturer is in order to ensure it is as durable and high quality as the original.

If you have personal experience with the manufacturer then you are off to a good start. If not, you’ll need to ask family and friends if they have dealt with the manufacturer before, or not. 

You can also take a look at social media and online forums. You won’t just get honest reviews of the manufacturer, you will also be able to read about the product. In this case the Astro A40 replacement cable. 

The best part about social media is that the opinions are honest and genuine. You can expect to find some negative ones and it can be enlightening to see how these were handled by the company.

  • Cost

It is always worth spending a few minutes to see the different cost options available. This can help you to identify an average price that you consider fair. Anything over this should lead you to question what extra you are getting. Equally, if the price is too low you’ll need to wonder about the quality of the product.

  • The Right Cable

The Astro A40 is a powerful piece of kit and you need to support it with a high-quality cable. This is one place where you shouldn’t be looking to save a little money just for the sake of it.

Take your time choosing your cable to ensure it has the right connectors, will work well with your Astro A40, and is high-quality. It’s the best way of ensuring you aren’t wasting money and can continue to enjoy the gaming experience.

Best Astro A40 Replacement Cables Currently Available

There are several Astro A40 replacement cables worth considering:

Astro Gaming A40 Inline Mute Cable

Astro Gaming A40 Inline Mute Cable

It’s not surprising that the Astro A40 inline mute cable 2.0 is listed as Amazon’s choice. After all, this replacement cable is from the original manufacturer making it the best possible replacement option. Of course, it isn’t the cheapest option.

This cable is black with 3.5mm connectors at both ends. It is worth noting the different number of bands on each connector, one has three, the other four. This is due to the number of channels the cable can carry, effectively a 4 pole and 5 pole connection. 

The five-pole connection is the one that goes into your Astro A40.

This cable uses copper wires wrapped in insulation and covered in a soft PVC jacket. The connections are molded with grips to reduce stress when plugging and unplugging, and it has a mute box in the middle of the cable. One-click silences the headset, you already know how useful that is when gaming.  

Check the price on Amazon

Gozahad Astro A40 Replacement Cable

Gozahad Astro A40 Replacement Cable

If you are looking for a cheaper option then this offering from Gozahad is worth considering. The cable sports the same two 3.5mm connecting jacks, one 4 port, the other five. It also has a mute box partway along the cable, although this is stylish triangular shaped to make it easy to hit the right button. It should be noted that this is just a mute, not a volume control. It is also designed exclusively to work with the Astro A10, A40, and A40 TR.

The replacement cable from Gozahad is available in various colors, including green, black, and red. It utilizes high-quality super core wire with gold-plated plugs, molded grips, insulation, and a soft PVC coating. This ensures it is flexible and durable.

You should also be aware that the cable is an impressive 6.5ft long, ensuring you can comfortably use your PC, Xbox One, or PS4. It also comes with a quality guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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Lootmoy Replacement A40 Cable

Lootmoy Replacement A40 Cable

The Lootmoy replacement Astro A40 cable is shorter, at just 3 feet. However, this does make it perfect for connecting with phones and other on-the-move doesn’t just have a  4-port and 5-port 3.5mm connector with an inline mute option. This replacement cable will allow you to control your volume level from the rocker switch on the cable. 

All you have to do is plug it in and start enjoying it. The cable uses high-quality super core wires with gold-plated molded connectors and built-in grips. The soft PVC protective jacket joins the connectors at a 45° angle, making a stylish addition to the cable.

This offering also comes with a guarantee to ensure the quality is perfect when you use it. You will find the sound is excellent, complementing your game console and enhancing the gaming experience.

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Konigeehre A40 Replacement Cable

Konigeehre A40 Replacement Cable

The Konigeehre replacement Astro A40 cable is a slightly more expensive option, although not as highly-priced as the one from Astro Gaming. 

Unlike the other replacement cables on this list, it uses a braided cord to ensure it is flexible and durable. This offering is compatible with the A30, A40, and A50 headsets. It incorporates the standard mute button and a useful volume controller to facilitate the best listening environment while gaming. 

The cable has 3.5mm 5-port connectors on both ends. These are gold-plated with stylish molded pieces that give a good gripping point and reduce stress on the cable. It’s 6.6ft long, making it a good choice for when sat at your PC or Xbox.

The company also emphasizes its dedication to complete customer satisfaction. This should help to instill confidence when you buy. It’s plug-and-play and looks great at an attractive price. 

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Freedom House Replacement Astro A40 Cable

Freedom House Replacement Astro A40 Cable

The final offering on this list of the best Astro A40 replacement cable is the Freedom House replacement Astro A40 cable. The first thing you’ll note about this is that is a stylish and vibrant red color. In fact, the cable is also braided to ensure enhanced durability and flexibility.

This cable is designed with the Astro A10, A40, and A40 TR in mind. It is 6.6ft long and has an easy grab controller near the headset, this allows you to effortlessly mute the sound during gameplay. The small triangular box also has a wheel that gives you control of the volume. 

It sports oxygen-free copper wiring with gold-plated connectors and is designed to give you high-quality and stable signal transfer. As with most of these offerings, it has a 3.5mm jack at each end, one 4-pole, the other 5-pole.

The molded grips help to reduce stress on the connectors and extend the longevity of the product. It also comes with 12 months free after-sale service to help you deal with any issues.

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Final Thoughts regarding The Astro A40 Replacement Cable

Getting a high-quality replacement cable for your Astro A40 is essential to ensure you can continue enjoying your gameplay and interacting with others online.

The good news is that there are plenty of headphone replacement cables to choose from, you simply need to take a look at the selection above and follow the guidelines to find the one that is perfect for your needs and your budget.