Skullcandy Replacement Cable – Top 5 Picks in 2022

Skullcandy Replacement Cable - Top 5 Picks in 2021

Skullcandy has developed a reputation for itself as one of the best suppliers of audio devices, including headphones, in the world. Even though their headphones are cheaper than average HyperX or Sennheiser they are still solid. The company started trading in 2003 with the Skullcandy Portable Link. It used hands-free technology to create the opportunity … Read more

SAS To SATA Adapter – 2022 Buyers Guide

Computers are surprisingly complex pieces of machinery. The technology behind them is constantly evolving. The good news is that you don’t always need to replace your computer to stay up to date. Instead, you can use an adapter, such as the SAS to SATA. This allows older equipment to work with newer items.  SAS and … Read more

USB-C Extension Cable – Top 4 Picks in 2022

Computer technology never standstill. Even if the outside design has looked relatively similar for many years, the inside components are improving at a rapid rate. It can be difficult to keep up with all the improvements, especially when the name of the item barely changes  The USB connection into a computer has stayed the same. … Read more

Best Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord in 2022

Somebody holding a hot car cigarette lighter

You’ve probably been there before, you’re in your car and you need to power something or charge your phone but the charging cable won’t reach from the cigarette lighter to where you need it to. It’s frustrating! Fortunately, this is one situation you can avoid in the future, you simply need to choose the best … Read more