Valve Index Replacement Cable – 2022 Buyers Guide

Virtual reality devices are rapidly growing in popularity and with good reason. It isn’t just the ability to escape the real world for a short period. The latest devices and games are becoming increasingly real, which makes it a better experience. In fact, the general consensus is the Valve Index is one of the best … Read more

RGB to HDMI Converter – Top 4 Picks in 2022

RGB, or Red, Green, Blue is a traditional output for analog video signals, allowing you to send the images to another device where they can be displayed properly. An RGB cable will provide you with better signal quality than a standard RCA cable. However, it is only suitable for video, you’ll need a separate audio … Read more

IDE To USB Adapter – 2022 Buyers Guide

The Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) is commonly used in computers on the hard drive to allow it to connect to the operating system. Inside your computer will be an IDE cable that connects the hard drive to the motherboard. It’s an essential part of any computing system. If you’re thinking of upgrading your computer memory … Read more

Top 5 PS5 Camera Extension Cables in 2022

The PlayStation 5 comes complete with a camera. The intent is to ensure you can be at the center of your own gameplay and share it with anyone you want. As watching gamers has increased dramatically in popularity, this is a smart move on the part of Sony. The camera has a dual lens which … Read more

PS4 Camera Extension Cable – 2022 Buyers Guide

PS4 Camera Extension Cable - 2021 Buyers Guide

PlayStation Camera is a fantastic multipurpose upgrade to your PlayStation console. It was released along with PS4 but has always been sold separately. When you consider the Camera’s feature set, it is money well spent.  Although it is a desirable addition to your setup, there is one issue with the camera, and that is the … Read more

Best Oculus Rift S Extension Cable in 2022

Best Oculus Rift S Extension Cable in 2021

Oculus provided the first consumer-grade VR headset on the market, and Oculus Rift S is their second-generation headset released on March 20th, 2019. It is basically an upgraded Oculus Rift CV1, but it has the same price. Besides the price; simplicity, portability, and low PC requirements make Oculus Rift S a great selection.  With the … Read more